All About Halloween!

                  I have never been big into decorating for Halloween or carving pumpkins, I mainly just do Fall decorations. As far as costumes go, I partake in the contest we have at work, but that's about it. Now that I have a little one, who is 8… Continue reading All About Halloween!


3 Ingredient Cookies

Don't judge me on the way this poor cookie looks lol! It's hard making perfectly round cookies when you are holding an almost 4 month old in one arm and scooping cookie dough with the other and beating it off of the spoon onto the baking sheet. And now that I am looking at it,… Continue reading 3 Ingredient Cookies

My “Healthy” Go-To Snacks

Whether I am travelling or at work needing a little pick-me-up, I have a few go-to options that are on the healthy side to cure my hunger needs. Just a little cool fact, our clinic now has a "healthy" vending machine rather than one that holds candy, cookies and bad junk food. All of these… Continue reading My “Healthy” Go-To Snacks