IdealShape, IdealRaw, IdealFit Coupon Codes

*I AM AFFILIATED WITH THIS COMPANY SO ANY PURCHASE YOU MAKE AFTER CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW WILL PROVIDE ME WITH COMMISSION.* I only post these coupon codes for companies I totally believe in and this is definitely one of them. I have honestly never tasted any better protein powder from another company. They are… Continue reading IdealShape, IdealRaw, IdealFit Coupon Codes


At Home Hair Coloring *eSalon vs Madison Reed*

Hello everyone!! If you are like me and all the other millions of people who like to dye their hair, save money, and never get out of their pj's (besides to shower), you have come to the right place! I have tried 2 different hair coloring systems at home and want to share my thoughts… Continue reading At Home Hair Coloring *eSalon vs Madison Reed*