CVS Haul/Review

I went to CVS a couple of weeks ago to repurchase some items and to also purchase some new items. There really won't be much to this post. Ill post the pic of them items then I'll give my thoughts on each. L'Oreal Paris Total Repair Extreme Reconstructing Conditioner- I have been needing a good… Continue reading CVS Haul/Review


My Gym Essentials

I know, my posting schedule this week has just been way off, my bad! Anyways, I am on week 2 of my gym journey and absolutely loving it. I try to work out about an hour every time I go. We, as in me and my brother-in-law's girlfriend, do 20 minutes of cardio then we… Continue reading My Gym Essentials

CVS Haul and 1st Impression

I decided to make a trip to CVS on my lunch break a few days ago because I was needing some foundation and a setting spray. I ended up leaving with those items plus 2 nail polishes, 3 face masks and a lip pencil. I haven't used any of the masks or purple polish yet, but… Continue reading CVS Haul and 1st Impression