Michael Todd BOGO!!!

I have loved this company for a quite a few years now because of how clean their products are. I would not pass up this special of Buy One Get One Free if I were you! Use Code: WBPBOGO after you click on the link below. Wild Berry Peel BOGO


Bogo Sales!!

2 more great deals y'all! Both of these end on the 15th so don't miss out!! I am affiliated with these companies so any purchase you make after clicking on the links below will provide me with a certain amount of commission. Michael Todd Beauty: http://www.michaeltoddbeauty.com/skin-care-products/shop-by-skin-products/serums/cx-35-vitamin-c-complex-plus-retinol.html?acc=0f49c89d1e7298bb9930789c8ed59d48 *Sales tax not charged in any state except for… Continue reading Bogo Sales!!