Ulta Haul/Review

I went to Ulta around my birthday so I could get my free gift plus they had an awesome deal going on. If you bought $16.50 worth of Ulta brand products, you got this Ulta palette for free. I thought it was a deal I could NOT pass up, obviously, and I wanted to try… Continue reading Ulta Haul/Review


I’m Back Y’all!!

It's good to be back, but it was definitely bittersweet leaving Georgia. We were able to stay a whole week and see all of the family while we were there. We spent most of our time driving from house to house and just hanging out with the family, but we did get to do a… Continue reading I’m Back Y’all!!

The Upcoming Months

     Hello lovelies! No product review, haul, or makeup look of the day today. Just wanted to share some things that I am really looking forward to in the coming months. I always love having something to look forward to because, honestly, I hate that feeling of just living to work. Don't get me… Continue reading The Upcoming Months

Birthday Ideas For the Outdoorsman

                                Today is my wonderful husband's birthday, I even woke up super early before having to go to work to bake him his favorite cake so he would be surprised when he got home!! He leaves behind his 20'2 and enters into his 30's. He is probably one of the biggest outdoorsmen I know...not literally big lol… Continue reading Birthday Ideas For the Outdoorsman