Hurricane Harvey-TX

Hey y’all! I am sure you have seen the destruction Hurricane Harvey has done to my state of TX. Luckily, I am in central TX and not close to where all of the destruction has been, but I do have friends and family in those areas. Some have gotten lucky and some not so much. Thousands of people are losing everything they own, some are losing their lives, and some are putting in every ounce of energy they have to save other people’s lives as well as the animals. If you are able to donate any amount of money, please do. These people will appreciate it more than you know. My husband and I are going to the coast this weekend to help our friends who experience a little damage from the storm. My heart hurts for all of these people and I am asking for your help. I have a list below of websites where you can donate. Again, any amount helps. Thanks in advance!!

Have a bad Ash day!!

American Red Cross

JJ Watt (Houston Texans)

Chris Young (Country Singer)

Humane Society|web_harvey_help_page_id829921028

Mutt Nation Foundation (Miranda Lambert’s Animal Resue)


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