Wet n Wild and Rimmel Makeup Review

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                I hadn’t bought anything from Wet n Wild or Rimmel in a while, so I figured I would get a few things that caught my eye. I bought the Rimmel 9-in-1 Matte BB Cream for Light/Medium skin tones, Wet n Wild Megablast Liquid Catsuit in Rebel Rose and Gel Lip Balm in Tease.


                The Rimmel 9-in-1 Matte BB Cream claims to do the 9 specific things in the picture above. I would honestly say that it actually does all of these. It has not caused me to break out and for it being a BB Cream, it surprisingly does have good coverage and is long lasting.


                These are the 2 lip products I purchased, and you can see that the Gel Lip (left) is pretty pigmented itself for being a lip balm. Of course, it is not long lasting, but it is moisturizing and pretty on the lips. The Liquid Catsuit is very pigmented and long-lasting, just a little drying on the lips.

               Overall, I would recommend all of these products. Let me know if you have tried any of these items and what you think of them.

Have a bad Ash day!!


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