Cutex Care Nail Polish & Remover Review

        A few weeks ago I was shopping at a grocery store and decided to go check out the nail polishes. At first, I was aiming to purchase a new Sally Hansen gel polish, but this brand caught my eye. Care+Color is a new line by the brand, Cutex, and it is specifically for achieving healthy nails. The polishes are “formulated to condition and protect nails. Each color features a vitamin-enriched strengthener and built-in protective base coat.” So pretty much, it’s an all-in-one product, which definitely appeals to me!  I decided to purchase a few different colors along with a small polish remover.

I have tried 2 of the colors (blues fest & walking on a cloud) so far and they have been great! It takes 2 coats to give a nice even appearance and the polish actually lasts for a while and doesn’t chip after just a couple days of wear. I love the polish remover because it is so small and fits in my desk drawer at work. It has a sponge built in so all you have to do is stick each finger inside the jar and twist to remove any polish you have on. I would definitely recommend this brand and line to anyone reading this and you can bet I will be purchasing more colors in the near future! Let me know if you have tried this line and what your favorite colors are.


I hope you have a bad Ash day!!


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