I found out I was pregnant the morning of June 8. I had been noticing certain things going on the week before and didn’t give it much thought at first, but then I decided to go buy a test and see what it said. I was so excited and anxious to tell my husband, but I wanted to surprise him instead of just calling him. I came to work, informed my co-worker that I share an office with, and we started thinking of ways to tell my husband. We had found some baby decor at work since we have all types of parties and end up with tons of random items left from these parties. I took a little plastic baby bottle home with me, stuck it in the pocket of some shorts I knew my husband was going to put on that day, and I wrote, “Only The Best Husbands Get Promoted to Fathers” on my chalkboard I have hanging on our kitchen wall. I then waited for all the pieces to fall into place, only, they didn’t fall into place. It was about 8 pm, I was washing dishes, and finally had to ask my husband if he liked the new quote I had written on the chalkboard. He read it and I FINALLY could share my excitement with him. I asked him if he had found the baby bottle I put in his pocket and he said, “Ya, I found it and thought it was weird and just set it to the side.”


So this would start our journey. I was sick every day for the first 16 weeks, and most days, didn’t feel like doing my hair or my makeup because I just had no energy. We kept the gender of the baby a secret until our gender reveal party, where we filled a balloon with blue sand and my husband popped it with his bow and arrow. The days crept on and we eventually learned that our boy’s kidneys were enlarged. With each Ultrasound that we did, his left kidney, especially, kept getting larger. They told us if it was a certain size after he was born, they would have to do a procedure where they placed a stent to let the urine drain like it is supposed to. Luckily, we did not have to go through that and today was actually his last follow-up Ultrasound. I gained way more weight than I ever wanted or thought I would, but I didn’t let it effect me much and just made sure I was healthy, which I was. I dealt with the swelling and the trouble of trying to get out of bed, the shortness of breath, etc. My son was definitely stubborn and was determined to stay in my belly for as long as he could. We eventually had to set an induction date because I was not progressing much and we did not want him to stay in there much longer after his due date, which was February 7. We set the induction date for February 13, and of course, I started having true contractions the morning of February 12. So, I almost made it to 41 weeks of being pregnant, but wouldn’t have changed a thing because I was blessed with the best little boy ever.

Stay tuned for my labor and delivery post!!

I hope you all have a bad Ash day!


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