MAYBE yes, MAYBE no, MAYBElline

A few weeks ago I was at CVS and spotted a couple of new Maybelline products that kinda “spoke” to me. I’m always up for a new eyebrow product to try and I have yet to find a great eye shadow primer. My eyelids get really oily and no matter what I do, it seems like my shadow ALWAYS creases. As far as my brows go, they are blonde and thin, so I HAVE to color them in every day that I wear makeup to make it look like I even have brows. Let’s get started with the review….


Maybelline MASTERprime Long Lasting Eye Shadow Base:

I bought this in the shade Prime+Illuminate. It is more of a pinky pearl color. It has a very nice sheen to it so you could wear this on it’s own if you feel like doing a minimal makeup look, which I do alot. It is alot thicker than I was expecting and it took a little effort to spread it on the lid and for it to dry completely. Most of the primers I have tried are pretty thin in consistency. The consistency of this made it somewhat difficult to apply the eye shadow, but once I got it on, it all looked good and it actually stayed put. I will definitely continue using this and would repurchase it.


Maybelline BROWdrama Crayon Pomade

I bought this in the shade Blonde, obviously, lol. The color is prefect and the crayon is very creamy. It applied pretty well, but my biggest issue with this is the size of the crayon. Since my brows are so thin, it is difficult to precisely fill in my brows with this. I was able to shape my brows pretty quick with this because it is such a large applicator, but I had to do some clean up with a small brush and concealer. I would recommend this to someone who has thicker brows and likes a quick application. Just because of the size, I will not be repurchasing this.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you have a bad Ash day!! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “MAYBE yes, MAYBE no, MAYBElline”

  1. I am kind of let down with Maybelline’s new brow products. I was thinking about trying this, but after I tried the brow drama pro palette, I am turned off of this. I wrote a review on the brow pro palette
    but I kind of expected more from the brow drama line? Usually Maybelline is so good! I love their ‘define a brow’ pencil though.

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