All About L’oreal

               Hello lovelies! A while back I had purchased a few items from the L’Oreal Infallible line and a lipstick. I have used these products enough now to be able to give a true review (haha that rhymed). The items I bought were the Infallible Matte-Matic eyeliners in 2 different shades, Infallible Pro-Contour Palette and one of their Collection Exclusive lipsticks. 


Infallible Matte-Matic Eyeliner in #514 Taupe Grey and #515 Matte Navy:

These claim to be a gel cream formula with an intense matte color. I would never ever purchase these again. There was no creaminess at all to these things! As soon as I started applying this to my lid, the tip broke off because it was so waxy and it would not glide across. I pushed through and kept lining and lining and lining until I FINALLY had a complete line across my lid, only for it to transfer to my crease area. UGH!!!! The only way I can use these are if I put them in my water line. Again, I will not be buying these again. EVER!

Infallible Pro-Contour Palette in #813 Light:

This was just okay in my opinion. I am not a fan of the highlighter because it really does not give that “sheen” that you want from a highlighter. The contour shade is a really good shade for my skin tone but it is a little difficult to get a brush in this without picking up some of the highlighter at the same time, so I wish the pan was larger. I have better contour palettes that I would choose over this so I will not be buying this again.

Collection Exclusive Lipstick in Freida’s Nude:

This lipstick is very creamy and the color is just gorge!! They consider it a nude color but it has a purplish tone to it and I just love how it looks with my light skin tone and blue eyes. It doesn’t last for a long time, but I was not expecting it to since they don’t claim that it is “long-lasting”, so my feelings could not get hurt when this rubbed off when I ate and drank. Honestly, though, I have some “long-lasting” lipsticks that wear off quicker than this lipstick did. This is the only item that I would purchase again.


Thank you for reading!
I hope you enjoyed this and that you have a bad Ash day!!

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8 thoughts on “All About L’oreal”

  1. I love the collection exclusive lipstick! The color I got was doutzen’s nude – barely pink I think it was called? I’ve repurchased it maybe 3x now? It’s really nice and moisturizing. Definitely one of my all time favorites.

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