What Is My Purpose?

I was not planning on posting anything today as I try to stick to a Tuesday/Thursday schedule right now since I’m just starting out, but I have a million thoughts running through my mind and I figured why not share just in case this can help someone. I received an e-mail about an hour ago, a rejection e-mail, and I won’t go into details since I haven’t really told everyone that I feel should know. This isn’t the first time I have gotten this particular e-mail, but that doesn’t mean it sucks any less. I am a hard worker, no matter what I am doing, and to be rejected from something that could better me, my life with my husband, and my future family, just SUCKS! I am not here looking for a boo-hoo pity party or to throw my beliefs on anyone, but more to try to lift myself up and lift up anyone else who may have these types of feelings or may be going through something. I have always been a firm believer in God and that everything happens for a reason and usually it is because He has a bigger plan for me than I have for myself. I know it is hard to think that in the moment it feels like the world is falling down around you, but when I look back on certain things, I can put the pieces together and say, well, now it all makes complete sense! So, now I just wait for the day I can look back on this day and situation and say, well, now I understand why this didn’t go how I wanted. Maybe I have bigger things ahead of me that I have absolutely no idea about, but I know everything will fall into place exactly where it is supposed to be. I encourage you to try to be as positive as you can even in the crappiest of situations because one day, you will shine above all of that mess you have had to deal with and be a better person for it.

I hope you have a bad Ash day!! 🙂


7 thoughts on “What Is My Purpose?”

  1. Just roaming through and I found this post, it resonates so much with me. I’m fed up with all the rejection emails I get too. It’s so annoying when you know your worth but no one else gives you a chance. But it’s true God does have a bigger plan for you and me, I often look back on things and know for sure soon i will look back on my current situation thinking ‘why did I even worry?’ Love your blog x



    1. Thanks so much for reading! I’m so glad I can “reach out” to ppl this way. This was my main goal when I started this blog 2 months ago. I love being able to share stories, experiences and my thoughts on things especially when someone else can get something from it.

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  2. Definitely, girl! God always has plans for us, and He never asks us to handle more than we can! It’s so eye-opening in those moments when we realize JUST how much we really can do. Good for you for being such a positive person!

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