Lip Gloss Review

 Hello lovelies! I meant to post this yesterday, but life happened, so here I am today. A while back I had bought a couple of new lip products that I wanted to try out and, of course, share my thoughts with you. I have been leaning more towards the nude side lately so both of these colors are a little similar, but the formulas are way different. One is from Revlon and the other is from Maybelline. Below are my thoughts of each and swatches of both.

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in #050 London Posh

Colorstay? Negative! Moisture? Eh, ok?!? It has a very watery feeling when you initially apply it to your lips. Once you rub your lips together, it feels a little tacky and gets those oh so lovely gooey strings as you part your lips.The color isn’t all that great on, it’s pretty sheer, so there really isn’t any staining. When it does dry, it is no longer tacky, but it just does not stay on long. Personally, I would not purchase this product again. 
Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in #5 Nude Thrill

I can’t say that I like EVERYthing about this product, but for the most part, it’s a winner. When you first put it on, your lips get this weird, tingly, numb feeling and the taste is like you’re dipping your tongue into straight perfume. Other than that, it’s great. It’s very creamy, goes on smooth, dries matte and stays on for quite a while. The applicator is also nice because it is long and skinny and makes it easy to line your lips precisely. I will definitely buy this one again!

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you have a bad Ash day!! 🙂

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