Birthday Ideas For the Outdoorsman

                                Today is my wonderful husband’s birthday, I even woke up super early before having to go to work to bake him his favorite cake so he would be surprised when he got home!! He leaves behind his 20’2 and enters into his 30’s. He is probably one of the biggest outdoorsmen I know…not literally big lol He hates being stuck inside and has to ALWAYS be doing something. I thought this would be a great chance to share some of my birthday ideas with anyone who also has someone in their life who is like my husband and likes being outdoors. Of course these are all based on him and his hobbies, but maybe this will spark an idea for you. Below I have listed every item shown in the picture and my reasoning behind choosing these items. Hope this helps you in some way!

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Processed with MOLDIV

1. Guns- My husband collects guns and has all kinds! He likes to carry a pistol around with him when we are in the country just in case a rattle snake or some other dangerous “thing” comes around. We also like to set up targets and test out our skills and just practice to make sure our aim is on. He is also a hunter who uses a bow and a rifle, but usually it just depends on the weather for him to decide which one he is going to use. In the fall, before hunting season, we have a big get together with friends and family and have what we call a skeet shoot, which consists of these small clay discs being shot into the air by a thrower and using a shotgun to try shooting these while they are falling to the ground. So as you can tell, guns are a big part of our lives.

2. Fishing Pole- Whether we go to the ocean, pond, or the lake, we love to fish. Sitting by a pond or the lake is just so relaxing and peaceful and it is something we enjoy doing together. Now, offshore fishing requires a little bit more energy since you are reeling in much bigger fish, but it is such a blast and rewarding since we take it home and cook it.

3. GoPro- I actually bought my husband one of these a couple of years ago for his birthday, but it is now at the bottom of the ocean due to him just rigging up a makeshift attachable cord…might as well just call it a string (sore subject lol). Seriously, though, these are so cool especially if you scuba dive or snorkel because you can take it underwater with you to a certain depth. There is all sorts of ways to attach it to you no matter what type of activity you are doing.

4. Gift Card- When all else fails, buy them a gift card to a favorite store or somewhere they can buy their own goodies for their outdoor hobbies. This is exactly what I got my hubby this year just because I could not figure out what he really needed and he kept telling me he didn’t want anything, so this was an easy option.

5. Jeans- Is anyone else’s husband the worst at working in their nice jeans?? It irritates me so much! Literally ALL of his Levi’s have holes in them or have grease stains. If it weren’t for him just going out not too long ago and buying new ones, I would have bought him some. He is not a fan of clothes shopping and I either have to make him go buy himself new stuff or he depends on me to do it.

6. Knives- My husband always always always carries a pocket knife. You never know when you are going to need it. I find myself asking to use his quite often. He has a lot of knives already, all different kinds and sizes, so I decided not to buy him one this year. I did put one in his stocking at Christmas though.

7. Scuba Gear- We tend to go offshore with our friends quite a bit in the summer, and my husband and his friends go scuba diving and spear fish instead of catching them with a rod and reel on the boat. They get the BIG fish and yes, he has had to fight off sharks before (scary). I do not partake in this adventure because I am a huge chicken lol When it comes to scuba diving, there is so much equipment needed and every once in a while, things need to be replaced because they get lost, broke, or are just old. That is the perfect opportunity to be able to get them what they need!

I hope you enjoyed this and was able to get some type of idea of what to get that special outdoorsman in your life!

Hope you all have a bad Ash day!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Birthday Ideas For the Outdoorsman”

    1. Thanks! I try to think outside the box with my posts so they aren’t ALL about makeup or food or something. I like that different people can relate to different things I post. Thank you for reading 🙂


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