Attempting the “perfect” french manicure

                          I have always loved how a French manicure makes a woman’s hands look so pretty and feminine. I have the worst habit of picking at my cuticles and loose skin around my nails to the point of making myself bleed. It’s definitely not a pretty sight ,but somehow my hands will still look decent when I have my nails done in a French manicure. I have read about certain “hacks” you can do to pull off the perfect and cleanest French manicure, which is why I am here today….I tried one of these hacks and I want to share how it turned out and what I really think about the process and end result. First I chose my favorite line of polish, which is the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, and I used color #450 “Get Mod” and the top coat. THEN, I pulled out some reinforcement labels and cut some in half and carefully placed these on my nails, which was a VERY tedious job. This is supposed to help create that perfect curved line and just leave the right amount of nail tip to paint. I then painted the tips of my nails, let them set for a while and then peeled off the labels. How did it turn out??? Not a single perfect line, but it was close. I could have taken a cotton swab with polish remover to clean it up more, but that really defeats the whole purpose of using the labels in the first place. I went ahead and put the top coat on and went about the rest of my evening. My nails don’t look horrible, but they could definitely use some work, so I will be looking into trying out a different hack for this. Below are a couple of pictures of the products I used and a “during” photo and an “after” photo. I absolutely love this polish and it really does stay on for a very long length of time, but the only bad thing I have to say is, if you look at the bottom picture, you can see the little white spots on my nails. This is from leaving the previous polish on for as long as I did, so just be aware of this if you decide to use this line of polish. I ALWAYS have my nails painted so it usually doesn’t bother me because nobody sees my bare nails. If you have any hacks for this or anything you would like for me to put to the test, let me know!!

Have a bad Ash day 🙂



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